Advancing the Art of Blockchain Technology

Sidechains are extensions to existing blockchains, enhancing their privacy and functionality by adding features like smart contracts and confidential transactions.

Lightning Networks

Blockstream is collaborating with industry leaders to create a Bitcoin micropayment system that supports high volumes of tiny payments using proportional transaction fees and that operates lightning fast. We are now developing Bitcoin Lightning prototypes and creating consensus on interoperability.

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The Elements Project

Blockstream believes that to be secure, blockchain systems must be built with open source technology. Towards that goal, we've created the Elements Project, a community of people extending and improving the Bitcoin codebase.

Elements, the flagship community effort, serves as the open-source kernel for all of the sidechains we build. Some features have even been adopted by the Bitcoin community!

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An Impassioned Community

We're building a community of developers eager to solve problems using new kinds of tools. Technologists and initiatives from all corners of the globe can benefit from the advances made available by the Elements Project, and contribute back to Bitcoin in the process.

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A Cross-Industry Collaboration

Bitcoin doesn't live in a vacuum. Sharing code across all users allows everyone to mutually benefit from new work, building better solutions as a result. Each new feature becomes an Element, a building block for your blockchain.

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Select Publications

Mimblewimble: Private, Massively-Prunable Blockchains
Andrew Poelstra, Scaling Bitcoin Milan, October 2016
Segwit in Bitcoin: Lessons Learned
Gregory Sanders, Scaling Bitcoin Milan, October 2016
Schnorr Signatures for Bitcoin
Pieter Wuille, Scaling Bitcoin Milan, October 2016
Fast(er) Difficulty Adjustment for Secure Sidechains
Mark Friedenbach and Anonymous Contributor, Scaling Bitcoin Milan, October 2016
Andrew Poelstra, October 2016
The First Successful Zero-Knowledge Contingent Payment
Gregory Maxwell, February 2016
Segregated Witness and its Impact on Scalability
Pieter Wuille, Scaling Bitcoin, December 2015
Reaching The Ground With Lightning
Rusty Russell, Scaling Bitcoin, December 2015
Validation-Cost Metric
Jonas Nick, Scaling Bitcoin, December 2015
A Flexible Limit: Trading Subsidy for Larger Blocks
Mark Friedenbach, Scaling Bitcoin, December 2015
Tree Signatures: Multisig on Steroids Using Tree Signatures
Pieter Wuille, August 2015
Initial Block Synchronization is Quadratic Time Complexity
Patrick Strateman, Scaling Bitcoin, August 2015
Confidential Transactions
Gregory Maxwell, June 2015
Borromean Ring Signatures
Greg Maxwell and Andrew Poelstra, June 2, 2015
ASICs and Decentralization FAQ
Andrew Poelstra, April 8, 2015
On Stake and Consensus
Andrew Poelstra, March 22, 2015
Enabling Blockchain Innovations with Pegged Sidechains
Adam Back, Matt Corallo, Luke Dashjr, Mark Friedenbach, Gregory Maxwell,, Andrew Miller, Andrew Poelstra, Jorge Timón, Pieter Wuille, October 2014
Ring Signature Key Blinding
Gregory Maxwell and Andrew Poelstra, September 2014
Output Distribution Obfuscation
Gregory Maxwell and Andrew Poelstra, July 2014
Really Really Ultimate Blockchain Compression: CoinWitness
Gregory Maxwell, Bitcoin Talk, August 19, 2013
CoinSwap: Transaction Graph Disjoint Trustless Trading
Gregory Maxwell, Bitcoin Talk, October 30, 2013